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If you’ve ever had to do a presentation using your laptop computer, you know that fumbling with a mouse can be really distracting. This is why Touch screen laptop computers are ideal for making presentations. Because you don’t have to constantly be searching for your mouse pointer when you are ready to move to a new slide or activate a feature of your presentation, these types of computers can make your presentation go more smoothly and appear more professional.

I was watching the weather today on a major cable network news channel and I noticed that the old green screen that the news graphics were usually shown on was missing. In its place was a huge 60 inch touch screen monitor. I’ve seen this technology in use on a few other television broadcasts lately as well. This equipment is still outrageously expensive but touch screen laptop computers are well within most people’s budget limits.

For those of you who use a laptop computer connected to a projector for making presentations, a touch screen laptop would be very useful. I remember making presentations and awkwardly pausing to find the information I needed the laptop to display on the projection screen. Being able to see my presentation on a touch screen laptop and reach over a touch the screen instead of fumbling with the keyboard or mouse would have made the presentations run much smoother for me.

Another thing that really captured my attention on the news program I was watching was the ability of the presenter to be able to draw on the screen with his finger. The days of making an “imaginary” underline or circle around a key phrase with a laser pointer are long gone not that this technology is available.  You can simply touch the display of your touchscreen laptop and draw the underline with your finger!  It will then seemingly magically appear on the projector screen as if you wrote on it with a magic marker.

The touch screen laptop computer has taken science fiction and transformed it into science fact. If you have the need to give professional presentations in your job, I definitely suggest that you invest in a new laptop that is equipped with a touch screen display. You’ll be really glad that you did!

I receive compensation due to affiliate links or endorsements on this website: Disclosure of Compensation