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Have you ever wanted to send a text message to someone but you couldn’t because you didn’t have your phone with you or maybe you cell phone battery was dead? Maybe you want to send a text message to someone but you don’t want them to know who the message came from? Well, you’ll be glad to know that it’s quite easy to text from your computer to a cell phone for free.

All you need to do is go to the website www.textem.net and it’s really easy to text for free online from computer. When Textem’s website opens up, you’ll see a very simple to use interface. All you need to do is enter the wireless number you would like to send the text message to in the first box. The second box is optional. You can use it if you want to but it’s not required. In the next box, you’ll need to select the cell phone service provider for the phone you are trying to text. This step is required. If you don’t know the provider, you’re kind of out of luck. I guess you could try sending the message several times and select a different provider each time until you get it right. The problem is that you don’t get a confirmation message letting you know that the message went through okay from within the TextEm website.

I did a test using the correct wireless provider for my cell phone and the message arrived on my phone in about 4 seconds but there wasn’t any indication on the computer that the message went through. I did a second test and this time I entered the incorrect wireless provider. On the website, it appeared to have gone through without any problem but the text didn’t actually make it through to my phone.

In the next box, you can enter a text message that is up to 155 characters in length. The next step is to enter a captcha code in a box to make sure that someone isn’t using automated programs to spam the system. This security code isn’t able to be read by computer robot spam programs. It is, however, easily read by a human.

The last step is to click a box that says that you agree with Textem’s Terms Of Use policy and click on the button that says “Send Message”. There’s no need to register if you would like to use this system but if you sign up for a free account, the person on the other end will actually be able to reply to your text message. If you send a text message without signing up for an account or signing in, the address of the sender that the recipient will see is “anonymous@textem.net”. If you are signed in to your free TextEm account when you send a text message from your computer, the recipient will see that the message is from “yourusername@textem.net”.

I sent messages both anonymously and while signed in while testing the service and they both went through just fine. I replied to the text message that I received after sending it when I was signed in and it only took about five seconds before my computer played a sound and there was a message that popped up on the Textem website that said I had one text message in my inbox.

It’s worth pointing out that regular text messaging rates do apply so the person you send a text message to from your computer will still be charged to receive the message even though it originated from a computer.

There you have it. Now you know how to text from the computer to a cell phone for free. Give it a try. It’s really fun! I’ll bet you never thought you would find an article like this on my touch screen laptop website. Stick around and you’ll find all kinds of helpful articles here!

Sources: www.textem.net

I receive compensation due to affiliate links or endorsements on this website: Disclosure of Compensation