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All In One Touch Screen ComputerAll in one computers have been around for quite some time so morphing these types of computers with touch screen technology was a logical step in their evolution.

Just in case you’ve never seen an all in one computer, let me take just a minute and describe what they are to you. These are basically computer monitors that have the “guts” (CPU, optical drives, memory, video card, sound card, etc) of the computer that you used to have to find a spot for under your desk cleverly hidden inside of the monitor itself. All they consist of is a monitor and a keyboard and they’re really slick!

Now that computer manufacturers are adding touch screens to these types of computers, theoretically you wouldn’t need the keyboard at all. For practical purposes, however, it’s nice to have the option of typing on a keyboard if you feel like it so at least for now, keyboards are here to stay. That’s not to say that you can’t stow your keyboard away in a drawer until you need it should you be inclined to do so.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what my chiropractor does. Each of his exam rooms have an HP all in one computer that is equipped with a touch screen monitor in them. When he needs to pull up records or display x-rays to his patients, he just uses the touch screen. I have to admit that it’s refreshing to see him stepping up to the plate and making use of the technology that is available.

Some Examples Of All In One Touch Screen Computer Models

Just about every computer manufacturer has one of these computers in their product lineup. Here are just a few examples to introduce you to what is available.

HP TouchSmart 610xt Series – This line of HP touch controlled computers starts with a base price of around $1,099 They feature a huge monitor and the total dimensions are around 4.06″ (W) x 23.02″ (L/D) x 17.72″ (H).

HP TouchSmart 610 Quad Series – If you need a bit more computing power, you might want to go for HP’s 610 Quad series since they feature Intel Core i7 quad core processors. Prices start at $1,329 and the overall dimensions are 4.06″ (W) x 23.02″ (L/D) x 17.72″ (H).

Sony VAIO L Series All-in-One Desktop PC – Sony enters the market with their VAIO series that has a base price of $999 with approximate dimensions of 23.94″ (W) x 16.89″ (H) x 6.62″ (D).

Sony VAIO L Series 3D All-in-One Desktop – For those of you who would like to jump into the 3D world, you might be interested in Sony’s VAIO L 3D series. An entry model will cost about $1,999 and it comes equipped with a Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM processor.

Samsung 23″ All in One – For around $999 you can get into an all in one touch computer from Samsung that has an Intel® Core™ i3-2120T Processor backing it up. If you’re the “more power” type of person, they also have the same computer for $1,199 that sports an Intel® Core™ i5-2390T Processor.

Acer All in One Z5 – Acer is even in this market and they’ll be happy to outfit you with one of their Z5 units for as low as $829. This line of computers from Acer measures in at 19.5″ x 21.6″ x 5.1″.

Dell Inspiron One 2320 Touchscreen – For you budget conscious folks out there, Dell has some all in one computers with touch screens that start as low as $699 and they measure in at 22.32″ x 15.6″ x Depth 2.67″.

Why You Should Buy A Touchscreen All In One Computer

These computers really are revolutionizing the desktop computing world. The touch interface makes using them very intuitive for users and perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the ability to consume the digital world with a friend. It’s so easy to sit side by side and swipe through your family’s vacation photos or even watch some funny YouTube videos together.

These computers are also great for presentations because the presenter isn’t confined by the tethers of a mouse. He or she can simply tap the screen to move through the slides of a PowerPoint presentation or pinch to zoom in on critical images that demonstrate a key point in the presentation. When a presenter doesn’t have to fuss with the technology they are using, it’s much easier to make a big impression on an audience.

If it’s time to replace the desktop computers in your home, I highly suggest that you consider buying an All-In-One desktop computer that is equipped with touch screen functionality!

I receive compensation due to affiliate links or endorsements on this website: Disclosure of Compensation