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I was doing some Christmas shopping today and while I was looking through the electronics isle one thing became very apparent to me. The “new toy” factor is beginning to wear off of tablet computers and consumers are demanding more from them. This tends to happen with all consumer electronics. Once the excitement and newness wear off, people begin to look at the technology more critically and they start expecting more.

For a while netbooks were all the rage. Then the iPad hit the market and tablet computers became all the rage. This new type of computing device was so interesting and different that people were willing to overlook their shortfalls. One of the biggest shortfalls of tablets is the fact that data entry on their virtual keyboards just isn’t very efficient.

Instead of tablets liberating people from the need to carry their laptop with them everywhere, the opposite has happened. A lot of people I know still carry their laptops with them so they have access to a real keyboard but they slip a tablet computer in the laptop bag to use when they want to blow off some steam and play a round of Angry Birds on their iPad 2.

Consumers have been complaining about the fact that typing on a virtual keyboard is not efficient for quite some time now. When consumers ask, smart manufacturers listen and provide a product to fill the demand, whatever it might be. This is actually happening now with the growing selection of tablet computer accessories that are hitting the market.

While I was shopping today, I saw three or four different gadgets that really caught my eye. One particular type of Bluetooth tablet keyboard that I really liked actually solves three common problems. The product that I’m referring to is actually a case that holds a wireless keyboard. When you open the case, this clever combination actually props your tablet up so that it can be used just like a little netbook.

This serves the purpose of functioning as a protective case, a viewing stand, and a keyboard for tablet computers. What an amazing idea! You have the versatility of using your device like a laptop or ditching the keyboard and using it like a tablet. You can buy these gadgets for iPads as well as for many other flavors of tablet computers.

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Video

Here’s a video review of the iPad Folio Blutooth Keyboard case for you to have a look at you if you would like.

Here’s a video that shows a very similar product but this one is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

There’s no question in my mind that we’ll start seeing more and more of tablet accessories like these in the months and years to come. Check back at www.touchscreenlaptopinfo.com often as I plan on featuring a lot of these types of accessories in upcoming articles.

I receive compensation due to affiliate links or endorsements on this website: Disclosure of Compensation