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There can be no doubt that the Apple iPad has experienced overwhelming success since its introduction a few months ago. Millions of units were sold in just the first two months alone. Millions of anxious people were lining up at the Apple stores for their chance to be the first to own the iPad. Those who didn’t buy the iPad and are holding out may be wondering what the reasons to buy an iPad actually are and why it’s been so overwhelmingly successful.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and I believe I’ve come up with the answer. Millions of people around the world enjoy curling up with a good book and having a good read while sitting comfortably in their easy chair or reclining in a bay window.

The “experience” of holding a book in your hand and reading is one that is often lacking in today’s world with so much of our media being on computers. People spend so much of their time sitting at desks or tables while working on their computers. This is not a relaxing position and it’s more of a position that we sit in when we’re working than when we are relaxing.

Apple realized that people are desperately missing this experience of holding something in their hands while reading. Holding the iPad is much more like holding a real book. What Apple has done with the iPad has made surfing the Internet feel like reading an interesting book. You can now sit in your favorite comfortable position whether it be in an easy chair, your comfortable bed, or under the rays of the sun shining through a bay window while you surf the Internet or read an eBook with your iPad.

The iPad ships with a very cool application for reading eBooks. Amazon has had amazing success with their eBook reader called Kindle. The Kindle isn’t a touch screen device just yet but it does replicate the feeling of holding a real book. Apple took their eBook reader one step further and programmed it so that when you swipe your finger across the screen, you see an animation of the page turning just like you would see in real book. It’s these little details that make using the iPad so interesting and fun. There are thousands of books available for the iPad and there is even app that will allow you to read Kindle eBooks with the iPad.

Apple has been very successful in creating an electronic device that promotes the feeling of sitting down with a good book. You can do so many more things with the iPad than just browsing the Internet or reading a book in the eBook reader but these are the two most popular applications. There are actually thousands of apps that are already available for the iPad.

The other reason that the iPad is so popular is because Apple used the same touch screen technology that was already wildly successful with their iPhone and iPod Touch. Millions of people who already owned the iPhone or iPod Touch where the first in line to get the new iPad. People really enjoy navigating through their electronic devices with via the touch screen interface. The touch screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch is remarkably responsive and easy to use. The iPad works equally well and the larger screen makes using the ipad even more enjoyable than the other Apple devices.

If you get the chance to try an iPad out for a few minutes, you’ll understand why this revolutionary device has been so well received by consumers. Have a look at this video about this amazing electronic device. Thanks for visiting my website on touch screen laptop computers. I hope your found what you were looking for here and I hope you’ll return soon.

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I receive compensation due to affiliate links or endorsements on this website: Disclosure of Compensation