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Okay, we’ve all been there. We need an address fast and we don’t have time to thumb through the millions of names in a phone book. If you’re still using the old paper phone book to find addresses and phone numbers, it’s time that you came out of the dark ages and stepped into the […]

Acer has recently raised the bar for touch screen tablet computers with their ICONIA-6120. Their claim to fame with this tablet is that it’s the first 10-finger multi-touch tablet computer in the world. I must admit that this is an interesting concept. After all, if one touch screen is awesome, two touch screens must be […]

If you are an iPad lover, you’ll be happy to know that Apple released their latest iOS 5 operating system today. Many of you have anxiously been waiting for this release because Apple has been spouting off about it for months. They have been busy building anticipation levels to the point that their cult followers […]

Have you ever wanted to send a text message to someone but you couldn’t because you didn’t have your phone with you or maybe you cell phone battery was dead? Maybe you want to send a text message to someone but you don’t want them to know who the message came from? Well, you’ll be […]

One of the latest crazes in mobile computing is the netbook. If you aren’t familiar with these little computers, let me take just a minute and explain to you what they actually are. A netbook it’s basically just a scaled down version of a laptop computer. This seems to go against the previous trends of […]