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Let’s face it. Not everyone’s home is ideally set up to have multiple computers sharing the same Internet connection. If you have a laptop, there’s no problem because you can connect to your wireless router from anywhere in your house but what if you want to turn that old attic into a bedroom for your […]

It’s no secret that over time a PC computer will begin to run slower and slower until eventually it’s almost too slow to bear. One thing that many of you may have heard about is something called “defragmenting a computer”. This is one of those chores like changing the air filter in your car. If […]

Yesterday someone from my church called me up and asked me the question: How do I block a website on my computer? They were concerned that their young children might stumble upon websites that they don’t approve of while using the Internet. This made me think that a lot of people probably have this same […]

Many of us get tired of our old computers from time to time and decide to sell them so that we can buy a new model. When we do this, we usually delete our personal files from the computer. It’s quite normal to want to make extra sure that there is absolutely no data remaining […]

Sometimes when you install various software applications on your computer, little programs like the Bing toolbar will slip through unnoticed and the next time you start your web browser, you’ll see a tool bar that you didn’t intend on installing. This somehow happened with the Bing Bar on one of my computers. One option is […]