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Many of us have been anxiously awaiting for Amazon to come out with a device that is a step up from their popular line of Kindle eBook readers. There was a lot of anticipation building up to the Kindle Fire tablet computer. Some people were expecting the Fire to be a full fledged affordable tablet […]

Are you hoping that Santa will bring you a new tablet computer for Christmas this year? Maybe you’re wondering if the Motorola Xoom should be at the top of your wish list? If you are, you’re in luck because today we’ll be taking a look at Motorola’s contribution to the tablet computer world. By the […]

I’ll be introducing you to HP’s new tablet computer that they are calling the “Slate 2”. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Slate 2 is that HP could have put a bit more thought into the name of this device. The word “slate” does accurately describe this type of […]

I’ve been using my iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a while now and today it dawned on me that a lot of people might benefit from learning some tips that I’ve picked up along the way about caring for these types of devices. Before I begin, I would like to make one thing perfectly […]

As you might expect, everyone who makes computers wants in on the tablet computer boom that is sweeping across the globe and Toshiba is no exception. Today we’ll be talking about the Toshiba Thrive tablet computer that is stepping up to the plate with some features that aren’t found on premium priced tablets. One thing […]